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money on your car lease. You're Welcome.

We make it very simple to save money on your car lease.

Simply download our application, take a picture of the window sticker and sit back for the lowest quote possible on your car lease.

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Less Haggling.
More Confidence.

Strut right into the dealership like you own the place with absolute confidence in the source and accuracy of your vehicle’s leasing information. Rest assured that it was generated by real professionals that are on your side, and not just another pawn in the dealers game. Need help? Give us a call! A real person will answer. Yes, a real person—imagine that.

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Fast. Accurate. Facts.

Speed up the leasing process by getting the low down on the exact lease vehicle you want—nationwide. Your personalized report is sent directly to your mobile device almost instantly. This report contains real, freshly reviewed and cross-checked data, generated by an independent group of automotive professionals with over 20 years of in-the-field experience dealing with dealerships.

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Your quote sent straight
to your smart phone.

What’s more convenient than getting your monthly payment delivered to you at the dealership? We do the hard work for you so that you can spend less time worrying about what you’re paying and more time enjoying your new car!

Say goodbye to
pushy salespeople.

Say goodbye to pushy salespeople.

The savings we offer aren’t simply with money, but also with the time that you won’t be spending at the dealership’s offices negotiating – or ‘haggling’ – over price. The DealSure™ app gives you more control.

You’re In Control

No more pushy salespeople steering
you to the cars they need to unload.
DealSure™ tells you how much you
should really be paying.

You’re Connected

Now you can shop for the perfect
car by simply snapping a photo of the
window sticker. Send it to us and we’ll
handle the rest.

You Save Time

DealSure™ helps you spend less time
fending off salespeople and arguing
about the features and price you want
on your dream car.

You Save Money

Our app gives you a running total
of the cost of the car you’re
considering, so you’ll always know
if you’re within your budget.

Your dream car is
closer than you think.

You don’t have to be an expert to negotiate a fair price for the car you want. We’ll make sure that you never overpay because you were uninformed during the sales process. We eliminate all hidden costs.